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    The company headquarters is in the Chinese small commodity capital - yiwu. Since the establishment of 14 years, always with "the customer interest first, the employee is the owner of the enterprise, these two big magic weapon to manage, the integrity maintains each customer, truly CARES for every employee. The harmonious and harmonious relationship between the company's customers and employees has strengthened the company's strength and the win-win brand influence has been continuously expanded.

       Yiwu s-win advertising co., LTD. Is a collection of books and periodicals, exhibitions, media integration in the diversified advertising company, since its inception in 2004, a win-win use is committed to growing enterprise product marketing, advertising and founded 14 industry magazines, namely "smoking set in China" "China cup pot" "kitchen utensils and appliances in China" "the torch in China" "China hunan" gift of the People's Republic of China "the China Daily provisions" "small home appliance in China" "hairdressing equipment in China" "China's door industry" "locks in China" "China gift" China electric tools, leisure products in China, every industry will be the most professional position, depth, integration of resources, high quality manufacturer all over the country for the vendors to build a bridge of no flow, and by the buyer as "industry product dictionary" and "reference books" business of the industry. To strengthen communication and contact between local enterprises and win-win advertising more than successively set up regional offices, namely guangdong, hangzhou, ningbo, yongkang, such as more than ten place, through field visits, local enterprises, realize zero distance contact between with customers, truly understand enterprise actual situation and demand, suit the remedy to the case.

        Company has become China's daily groceries association member, Chinese koubei industry association member, Chinese lighters industry association member, Chinese daily hardware industry association member, Chinese advertising industry association, member of hangzhou pen industry association executive director, Ann stainless steel association members, to further strengthen cooperation with industry association, of course, in order to strengthen the close contact with dealers, June 6-8, 2009 for the first time in China hardware capital - yongkang, successfully held the China cup pot vendors meeting; In March 2010, BBS conference of Beijing door industry dealer, BBS conference of yongkang door dealers in May 2010; In November 2010 China cup pot dealer cooperation organization formally established, in July 2014, the Chinese torch ace meeting, the above event has been the industry's strong support, all the participants up to more than 1000 people, to obtain the purchaser good response.

   Transformation and upgrading of win-win in 2014 AD, and second, on October 10, 2014, was formally established in yiwu win-win exhibition service co., LTD., to build the most professional industry exhibition, through diversified marketing channels to better serve enterprises, more perfect to books and periodicals and exhibition of an organic whole, November 15 to 17, 2014, the first China hunan exposition was held in hangzhou water, water depth of exhibition economy, the professional level in the industry. Win-win advertising again rise vertical exhibition in 2015, successively in the hosted 3.28-30 (yongkang) e-commerce in China expo, 4.28 10.18 20-30 guangdong stainless steel products expo, ningbo flashlight expo, held on October 28 to 30, the second China hunan exposition. 12.16-19 China's western stainless steel products trade fair and so on, the exhibition and exhibition trade reached 33626 billion yuan, which is the witness of the transformation success. 4.28-30, 2016, successfully held the 2nd win-win stainless steel fair, 9.28-30 yiwu win-win household industry exhibition (the second session of the flashlight, the third session of kitchen utensils and appliances, first cup pot, 1 the first session of small home appliance, daily provisions exhibition integrates industry segments, such as internal TTF attending). On October 15-17, the third China pen expo was successfully held. In this year, the annual trade volume is 422.83 billion yuan. It is up 20.47% from the same period in 2015. Witness the trend of vertical exhibition. On April 28-30, 2017, the 4th win-win stainless steel products exposition, 8.6-8 yiwu daily necessities exhibition will be held successfully. 9.28-30 win-win industry exhibition (integrated multi-industry subdivision, internal foreign trade professional exhibition, 3rd flashlight, 5th kitchen appliance, 2nd cup pot, 2nd household appliance). The fourth Chinese pen trade fair came to a close on October 28th and 30th. The annual turnover was 48785 billion. That's a 13.32 percent increase over the same period in 2016. The total transaction value of the 20 professional exhibition was 12.4694 billion yuan. The force of 2018, deep localization, close to base, hard to catch up to 2019...