• In 2018, the win-win (Chaoshan) daily merchandise trade fair will be held by the Chaozhou and Shantou International Convention and Exhibition Center. After the new exhibition hall, the new exhibition facilities layout, the reorganization plan, the overall positioning, and the items of the exhibits will be refreshing and surpassing the last exhibition. In order to meet the needs of the exhibitors, the 2018 win - win (Chaoshan) daily merchandise trade fair will be held from one year to two, 23-25 and 28-30 April, each year. The win-win Chaozhou Shantou Industry Expo will become a new year's vane for the new year of China's department stores and stainless steel industry, as well as the first choice for brand promotion, sales promotion and market development in the new year.【more...】

  • Plastic products: plastic products, household products, tables and chairs, disposable items, daily chemical products, storage series, plastic packaging, etc..

    Stainless steel products: kitchen utensils, tableware, cooking utensils, knives, bamboo and wood products, frying pans, etc..

    Hotel supplies: Chinese and Western tableware, food clip, ice bucket, juice pot. Salad basin, cutlery utensils, glass products.

    Small household appliances: rice cookers, juicers, induction cookers, electric stews, wall breakers, meat grinders, hair dryers, etc..

    Daily ceramic: Chinese and Western ceramic tableware. Ceramic utensils, coffee utensils, milk cups, tea utensils, ceramic decorations, hangings, etc..

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  • 2018年10月23日,星期二


  • 2018年10月24日,星期三


  • 2018年10月25日,星期四


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