•      Shantou Stainless Steel Products Exposition will be held in 2015. The 3rd session of the elite manufacturer of precipitation and cloud poly industries will invite thousands of enterprises in many regions of the country to attend the exhibition and invite a large number of the most representative domestic brands to participate in the exhibition. Is the preferred platform for the image display, new product introduction, trade negotiation and information dissemination of domestic manufacturers. It integrates the industry power purchasers, brings together domestic super-channel purchasers, joint wholesalers, distributors, agents, department stores, gifts and emerging channels Buyers, committed to creating a growth channel penetration of enterprises, will set off a wave of 2018 season of fresh orders........【more 】

  • Kitchenware categories: pots, bowls, plates, barrel pots, boxes, stoves, sieves, cans, knives, forks, spoons, shovels, folders

    Wok categories: wok, die-casting pot, non-stick pan, aluminum pan

    Knives categories: kitchen variety of knives

    Cup pot categories: insulation Cup, glass, stainless steel cup, teapot, insulation pot
    Ceramics: ceramic tableware, ceramic cups, ceramics for daily use
    Hotel supplies categories: large hotels, restaurants, kitchen supplies
    Kitchen & Bath Small Appliances: Cooking Machine, Pressure Cooker, Electric Kettle, Juicer, Rice Cooker
    Mechanical mold categories: mold, curling machine, coating machine, polishing machine, hydraulic machine

    Accessories categories: bakelite handle, glass cover, silicone ring, temperature control switch, G-shaped cover, Dingzhu

    Other: coat rack, shoe rack, ashtray, vegetable cover, alcohol stove rack, turnover box, material box

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  • 2018年4月29日,星期日


  • 2018年4月28日,星期六


  • 2018年4月27日,星期五


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