•       The theme of "gathering the power of small commodities, creating new marine trade and foreign trade exhibition", deepening the trade, doing fine and strong, always follow the professional exhibition Road..........【more】

  • A, pen Museum
    Finished pen: pen, neutral pen, brush, pen...

    Pen accessories: pen, ball pen core....

    Pen machinery: injection...

    B, cup and kettle house
    Stainless steel: vacuum cup, automobile cup.....
    Glass: glass, glass bottles, glass bottles, bottles, tea supplies.
    C, kitchen Museum
    Stainless steel: pots, bowls, spoons, pots, knives, forks, shovels, 
    Aluminum: aluminum die-casting pan, grill, tensile aluminum pot
    Accessories: handle, pot ear, ball, lid, cardboard, steaming,
    D, torch shop
    Ten areas: plastic flashlight zone, ....
    Flashlight: aluminum alloy flashlight, plastic flashlight.....
    Accessories: flashlight related parts, lamp light source...
    E,  household electrical appliances Museum
    Kitchen small household electrical appliances: soya bean milk machine.....
    The life of small household electrical appliances: electric fans, vacuum cleaners....
    Personal care appliances: hair dryer, electric splint, curling bar....
    Accessories: small household electrical appliances....

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